5 Ways to Embrace the Plaid Trend this Fall + a GIVEAWAY!

How to embrace the plaid trend this fall

I’m so excited to team up with some lovely fellow bloggers to explore this fall’s hottest fashion trends, and don’t forget to take a peek at the bottom for a really fun giveaway! 

I really hesitate to call plaid/tartan a “trend,” because to me it’s one of those classics that never really goes out of style!

I’m not sure if it’s completely due to the wonderful phenomenon that is Outlander or not, but I don’t care. My closet is stocked with lots of items to embrace the plaid trend in several different ways! 

Work Wear 

How to embrace the plaid trend this fall

Dress (Similar options here, here, here)//Sunglasses//Shirt//Shoes (similar)//Pochette (similar)//Earrings//Brooch (similar)

This shift from Brooks Brothers Factory is technically a windowpane check, but in my opinion that still fits in the plaid trend. It’s wool, so I’d definitely only wear it during the fall, either styled like this with some fun accents or with a black blazer 

How to embrace the plaid trend this fall


As a Wrap

How to embrace the plaid trend this fall

Wrap (Similar)//Book//Sunglasses//Bracelets

There are a billion blanket scarf tutorials out there, and they’re all fantastic so I’m not going to try to write another one here, but rest assured that the plaid trend is still going strong when it comes to oversized tartan wraps! I keep this light one in my work tote to wrap up if it gets a little chilly. 

With Stripes

One Preppy Dress Styled 4 Ways!

Dress (Similar)//Scarf//Leggings//Sunglasses//Vest (Similar)

Ok, so this is technically still a blanket scarf, but I listed it separately, because as someone who is severely challenged when it comes to pattern mixing. 

But this is the EASIEST pattern to mix… plaid+stripes are cute, easy, and preppy. 

A Bold Skirt Fit for Blair Waldorf

How to embrace the plaid trend this fall

Skirt (similar)//Tights//Shoes//Top//Lipstick

I absolutely LOVE this wool plaid skirt from Brooks Brothers, it’s pretty loud, so I kept the other parts of the outfit pretty simple. But nature is anything if not bold this fall! My sister and I had to travel to Asheville, NC, for a little bit of a family emergency this week, and we were treated to some of the prettiest colors I’ve ever seen. Something about a kilt-esque skirt feels like Blair Waldorf to me, so I topped off the outfit with literally the only headband I own and some glossy lip color 😀

A Black Watch Blazer

How to embrace the plaid trend this fall

Blazer//Jeans//Boots (similar)//Top//Earrings//Sunglasses

I bought this Black Watch tartan blazer last year from JCrew Factory, wore it like crazy, and plan on wearing it like crazy this fall and winter (as soon as if finally gets cold and stays cold! Black Watch is one of the tartans anyone can wear… it isn’t reserved for members of a certain family, so it’s one of the most popular patterns out there! I love it because it is completely timeless (my mom has a very similar blazer that’s decades old) and because of the darker colors, it’s a little more subtle than other plaid items. This wool blazer is the perfect way to embrace the plaid trend if you’re a little nervous about letting your tartan flag fly.

I’ll get to the giveaway in a minute, but first, let me introduce you to the other fabulous women I’m collaborating with on this fun fall trend watch:

9 Fall Outfits To Copy Now (1)

From left to right, top to bottom:

Summer of Coffee With Summer//Kristen of A Classy Fashionista//Stephanie of She Saw Style//Kirsten of The Wandering Brunette//Jasmine of Jasmine Maria Blog//Molly of Miss Molly Moon//Liz (ME!) of Lizzy Is Dizzy//Anna of Five Foot and Fabulous//Elizabeth of Life of me, Queen B.

The Giveaway!

Ok, now to the really fun part! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Collaboration and giveaway!

We’re giving away an awesome beauty bundle of goodies that any lady would love, LOVE to have. Here’s the good stuff:

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eye Palette
  • IT Cosmetics Sunshine In A Compact (bronzer, blush, & highlight)
  • UD All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray
  • Eco Tools Daily Defined Eye Brushes
  • The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Liquid Peel
  • Burnt Orange Bucket Bag from Ruche (sold out)
  • (Not pictured) A Surprise Gift Card

To enter, complete as many tasks in the Rafflecopter as you’d like. The more you complete, the higher your chances! The giveaway runs from 11/8 – 11/15 at midnight. This is U.S. only. The giveaway is not affiliated with any of the brands in the giveaway. Enter fairly! All entries will be verified before the winner is announced on the Rafflecopter form on November, 15th. Best of luck!

Leopard Print Tall T-Shirt Dress: I’m Seeing Spots!

Leopard Print T-Shirt Dress

Leopard Print T-Shirt Dress

T-Shirt Dress // Vest (similar) // Shoes // Necklace (Similar)

I love a comfy t-shirt dress, especially when it is actually long enough to cover my 6-foot frame! 

As such a tall lady, it’s often hard for me to wear dresses that are supposed to hit average height people above the knee. Above the knee on a 5’4 woman is halfway up the booty on me! 

Leopard Print T-Shirt Dress

So when brands like Old Navy sell cute clothes in Talls (or longs… some brands name them differently!), I always do a little cheer. 

I have this exact dress in several other colors (grey, black, navy+polka dots, and flame red stripe) and they make up a significant portion of my mid-week semi-casual wardrobe. 

Bonus: I think I only paid about $15 for each of these dresses. For real.

Leopard Print T-Shirt Dress

I also love this outfit as a “transition” look. 

But let’s be real, transition outfits are code for “I really want it to be fall, but I live in the deep south and it’s still hot as blue blazes here.” 

This sleeveless blazer/long vest thing I got last summer at Marshall’s is just the ticket for adding a layer of dimension, breaking up the wall of Leopard print, and providing pockets! 

Leopard Print T-Shirt Dress

Hot as Blue Blazers

Blue Blazers Red Lipstick

Blue Blazers//Jeans//Clutch (Similar)//Shoes (Similar)//Earrings//Sunglasses//Lipstick

It’s officially that time of year where I am willing it to be cooler via my fashion choices. 

Is it working yet? 

I tell you what, I’ve lived in Alabama my entire life, and somehow every year I get fooled into thinking September is fall. Silly me! 

I love this Blue Blazer from J.Crew Factory. I believe I got it for about $60 after keeping my eyes on their sales. It’s light enough to wear now with a silk or cotton top underneath, but later when it’s cooler I’ll layer it over a cashmere sweater or with a cozy blanket scarf. 

I’ve been wearing A LOT of navy and white with pops of red lately. It’s such a classic color pairing, and I feel like I can easily adopt it into one of those “uniforms” you read about bosses wearing to make their mornings easier. 

Blue Blazers Red Lipstick

Maybe my favorite pop of red is this Chanel Double Intensité in Daring Red. It’s long lasting formula that I have in four different colors (Check out my review of their Milky Blueberry color from last year). 


I’ve been searching for both the perfect blue blazers and the perfect red lip for quite a while, and I’m glad I’ve found them both just in time for my favorite season!

Unclaimed Baggage and Coming Back Home: Part 2

This is what happens to your lost luggage!

Have you ever wondered what happens to your lost or unclaimed baggage?

For the first part of my trip around my old stomping grounds in North Alabama with Unclaimed Baggage click here! 

After a beautiful morning on the river we packed up and went over to Unclaimed Baggage’s huge retail facility. 

Growing up less than a half hour away from Unclaimed Baggage, I thought I knew more or less how it worked. But it’s so much more detailed than you’d think! Cayla and Brenda did an amazing job of walking us through how they process all the lost, mishandled, and unclaimed baggage they receive from airlines and bus lines across the country.

Photo by Matt Pittman

Approximately 99.5% of airline customers’ bags make it to their intended destination, but that other .5% goes through a months-long process. The airline first tries to get it back to its owner, and in most cases they are successful! But for that other small percentage, a claim is paid to the owner, and the baggage itself gets sold to Unclaimed Baggage. 

Once UB has its hands on it their expert processors  sort through it all, and all sellable clothes and accessories are laundered and/or dry cleaned. Some items are donated, and some (think used toiletries) are trashed. Only the best makes it out to the retail floor!

This is what happens to your lost and unclaimed baggage!
Photo by Matt Pittman

Unclaimed Baggage was merely a local treasure until 1995 when it was featured on Oprah, and since then it has become a travel destination.

One of the things I learned about Unclaimed Baggage that makes me love it even more is how big of a steward of the community they are. They donate lots and lots of bags, unused toiletries, and merchandise not designated for the retail floor. 

So you want to know about my haul, right? 

After LOTS and lots of deliberation and help from the awesome guys at the electronics counter I purchased my new carry everywhere camera! This Olympus OM-D E-M10II does replace my beloved Nikon D7000, but it is a LOT smaller and lighter, making it perfect for throwing in my purse. I got it used, but in great shape with a GREAT lens for less than I would have been able to buy it used on eBay, which is saying something.

My other awesome purchase was this pair of incredibly cute Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses. Millennial pink with gold??? Yes, please. 


Like I showed in the first post, there is so much in northeast Alabama to see and do during your trip, but I hope next time you’re up that way you’ll stop in at Unclaimed Baggage! They know how to do southern hospitality right! 

This is what happens to your lost luggage!
Photo by Matt Pittman

Thank you Unclaimed Baggage for the great shopping trip and tour around northeast Alabama!

All of the photos on this post are by Matt Pittman, Unclaimed Baggage’s awesome content marketing manager. Check out some of his great work at his website, http://www.matt-pittman.com/

Gingham Maxi Dress

Gingham maxi dress

This post about my favorite new Gingham Maxi Dress contains affiliate links 🙂 

Gingham maxi dress

After looking for an affordable maxi dress for just about two months I finally found this PERFECT one through eShakti

At first I was skeptical of eShakti… Could they really make a high quality dress to my measurements? 

The answer is (thankfully!) a RESOUNDING yes! 

Gingham maxi dress

After falling in love with J.Crew’s gingham maxi dress at the beginning of the season I began my search for one that was 1. within my budget, and 2. had thicker straps so I could wear it with a regular bra. 

I found this one on eShakti, and to my great relief, it is super simple to add on the thicker straps and have it cut to my exact measurements for only $9.95 above the regular price. 

Gingham maxi dress

Not only that, because I signed up for their email list I got an extra amount bumped off… In total I paid only about $40 for this custom dress—$120 LESS than the J.Crew version. This budget babe going to call that a big win. 


Loosen them Shoulders Up, Pour it Up, Let’s Work!

This off the shoulder look is great for Spring 2017!

This off the shoulder look is great for Spring 2017!

Shirt (similar)//Pants//Shoes//Sunglasses//Earrings//Necklace (similar)

Girl, you gotta relax!

I love how much I’ve been seeing these off the shoulder tops around as we’re quickly moving into Spring. 

Most of the tops I’ve have been either 100% cotton or silk, which means they’ll be nice and cool when the weather starts heating up 🙂 

This off the shoulder look is great for Spring 2017!

I styled these with another amazing shoe find. This is my first go at ankle straps, and I’m a little in love. This blush color is right on trend and the strappy ankle wraps plus the low block heel means they were comfortable all day long. 

But I’m going to need someone to teach me how to tie the bows in the back… I couldn’t figure out how to do it by myself! 

Can you believe March is almost gone already?! But that’s ok because there’s lots of fun content being lined up for this Spring and Summer! 

This off the shoulder look is great for Spring 2017!

Speaking of Summer, how fun are these sunglasses? They are SO mirrored I had a hard time getting a shot of them without it being 100% a reflection of my camera (and sweet photographer/husband). I picked them up at Nordstrom Rack last week and I know I’ll be wearing them quite a bit this summer in addition to my normal rotation of RayBans. 

My Favorite Sneakers for Adding Whimsy to Your Wardrobe

My favorite sneakers for adding some whimsey to your wardrobe!

My husband thinks my love of shoes… especially sneakers… has gone too far.

He couldn’t be more wrong! To me they make or break an outfit, and if I can get a quality pair of stylish shoes I’m not going to hold back, no siree. 

I don’t buy cheap shoes, as a rule, but finding nice shoes on sale for cheap prices doesn’t count, mk? 

I’m also SO glad sneakers are in style right now, and I hope they don’t go ANYWHERE. As a 6 foot tall woman I don’t always love wearing heels, and as someone with high arches that NEED support if I’m going to be walking even a moderate amount, I am loving it even more. 

Here are a few of my favorites

My favorite sneakers for adding some whimsey to your wardrobe!

  1. Cole Haan Wingtip Oxford in Cabernet Suede (Waterproof)
  2. Adidas Superstars in Gold
  3. Børn Bayne leather sneakers
  4. Sparkle Superga 
  5. Sperry Seacoast Floral Sneakers

I already own the top three pairs, and am working on the last two 😉 See how I styled them below:

^On my recent trip to SF!

^Out to brunch with girlfriends!


Floral Dress Obsession – 2017 in Photos Day 81

Gorgeous floral dress for only $33!

Gorgeous floral dress for only $33!

Now that the weather is warming back up (not that it really got that cold this winter) I’ll pretty much be living in dresses, and this floral beauty is going to be on repeat all.year.long.

Gorgeous floral dress for only $33!
I’m such a nerd. My excuse is that I was going to see Beauty and the Beast that night!

It is light and flowy, and breathable making it perfect for the coming sweltering days. 

I did buy it sized up, because it is made of the breathable but shrinkable rayon, and I wanted to make sure it would still fit my upper half after a trip through the wash.

Gorgeous floral dress for only $33!

I received so many compliments from people as I worked out and about town yesterday, which is always a morale booster 😉 The slit in the front is just a bit high, but some slipshorts kept things modest.

Gorgeous floral dress for only $33!

And the best part? It was only $33 through Amazon

This post contains affiliate links!

My very favorite shoes for travel

My favorite travel shoes for winter

Having the right shoes for travel meant I got to see all of London without achy feet!

One of my biggest anxieties when I travel is whether or not my feet will be able to keep up with the pace my heart wants to set in a new place, so my shoes for travel have to be perfect. 

There are a few criteria I have for footwear, particularly anything that is lucky enough to make it into my suitcase for a trip.

  1. I have some arch issues, so I need a good supportive shoe that won’t have my arches screaming after just a few miles.
  2. They need to be CUTE.
  3. They need to be versatile… Can I wear them with shorts and a t-shirt AND a cute dress AND jeans and a blazer?
  4. Will they hold up to several days of walking 8+ miles and being on my feet for 10+ hours at a time? I’m not interested in shoes that will fall apart after one season of wear.

Thankfully, after spending more money than I’d like to admit trying out different sneakers, sandals, tennis shoes, and boots I’ve finally found the two pairs shoes for travel I love the most: one for summer and one for winter.

Shoes for Travel in Summer

Naöt Gladiator sandals are my favorite summer shoes for travel!

I wore these Naöt gladiator sandals a lot last summer in Italy and they check all the boxes for me. I did run into some blister situations when wearing them on an impromptu hike through Cinque Terre. So for the record, I DO NOT recommend them for hiking. But if you’re going to be walking around the city all day then these are your shoes. 

They’re a little pricy, but they have held up beautifully through a full year of use and abuse. 

Read more about what I packed for 10 summer days in Italy (and what I wish I hadn’t!)

Shoes for Travel in Winter/Spring/Fall

My favorite winter shoes for travel

I wore these Jack Purcell leather sneakers almost every day during our trip to London, and on the days I didn’t wear them I wished desperately that I had. They provided the perfect amount of support, were pretty dang water resistant, and kept my tootsies warm without getting sweaty. While these are pretty casual, sneakers are having such a moment right now that I was able to get away with wearing them in even some of the nicer restaurants we went to without feeling the least bit out of place. 

There's something about having the right pair of shoes for travel that makes it feel like you can take over the world.

There’s something about having the right pair of shoes that makes it feel like you can take over the world. 

There are a few other shoes I’ve found (including the über popular Adidas Superstars) that I can wear all day with no problems, but these are by far my two favorite. Do you have a favorite pair of shoes for travel?