The 6 Productivity Apps I Can’t Live Without

Ok, so “can’t live without” is a little dramatic, but both as a business owner and a remote worker, these 6 productivity apps are very important for making sure I GET IT DONE.

1. Duolingo

There is a ton of research out there that studying languages is very beneficial for a variety of reasons. Everything from memory, to not looking like a goob when you travel. (I made that one up, but it’s true)

As a reader and traveler I really really love studying languages. So far on Duolingo I’ve studied Spanish, Italian, and French. I hope to add German once I work through the whole Spanish course! Apparently for maximum retention it’s best to learn new material right before bed, then refresh it in the morning. I’m still working on adding it to my morning routine, but even just doing it at night has helped me be more intellectually curious and a better writer and reader.


2. Dropbox

Being able to securely access photos, work documents, and other important materials on the phone is incredibly important for many remote jobs. Right now I pay $99/yr for 1TB of space through Dropbox, and because I’m not a videographer or anything, it’s plenty of space. There have been countless times I’ve needed to look at something on the fly, and used my phone to pull it up through my phone. 

3. Google Drive/Docs/Sheets

More people use Gmail (21% of users) for their email servicer than any other service. ALL of my email accounts are hosted through Gmail, and I bet at least one of yours is too. Being able to use Google Drive/Docs/Sheets on my phone is just as important as being able to use Dropbox, if not more so. I also use a Google Doc to keep my to-do list. Being able to access it on my computer’s web browser and through my phone makes it one of my favorite productivity apps!

4. Gmail App and Google Calendar

Speaking of Gmail…. Listen, I’m (still, for some reason) an Apple loyalist. I’m on my 5th iPhone, 2nd Macbook, 3rd iPad, and I have an Apple Watch, for goodness sakes. 

BUT compared to Google’s offerings, Apple’s email, calendar, and maps apps are utter garbage. If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and switch over to Google’s apps, even if you also have an iPhone. They’re cleaner, smoother, and work together much better. 

5. QuickBooks Self Employed

This is not an ad or anything, I just love QuickBooks. It tracks my mileage, tells me how much to save for taxes (don’t get me started on quarterly estimates and self-employment taxes), categorizes business expenses, and generally makes life as a small business owner much easier. 

6. Shipt

Again, not an ad. Also, full disclosure, my husband works for Shipt HQ here in Birmingham. But the ability to order groceries through an app and schedule delivery for a time convenient to me is INCREDIBLE. There is SO MUCH to be said about outsourcing domestic chores like grocery shopping, and how that helps sustain more equitable marriages. We both work hard. Shipt gets the groceries, helps save us money by cutting down on impulse buys, and is encouraging us to be better about building menus and planning our week ahead! 

Couple all that with the fact that Shipt is an incredible place to work, and it’s one of the best apps on my phone 🙂



I used Canva to make the graphics for this post. It’s no substitute for Photoshop or Illustrator, but since I can’t really use those on my phone, it’s great for making quick social media graphics!

Those are the 6 productivity apps I can’t live without… What are your favorite apps for staying on task?

6 Productivity Apps I Can't Live Without

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