Leopard Print Tall T-Shirt Dress: I’m Seeing Spots!

Leopard Print T-Shirt Dress

T-Shirt Dress // Vest (similar) // Shoes // Necklace (Similar)

I love a comfy t-shirt dress, especially when it is actually long enough to cover my 6-foot frame! 

As such a tall lady, it’s often hard for me to wear dresses that are supposed to hit average height people above the knee. Above the knee on a 5’4 woman is halfway up the booty on me! 

Leopard Print T-Shirt Dress

So when brands like Old Navy sell cute clothes in Talls (or longs… some brands name them differently!), I always do a little cheer. 

I have this exact dress in several other colors (grey, black, navy+polka dots, and flame red stripe) and they make up a significant portion of my mid-week semi-casual wardrobe. 

Bonus: I think I only paid about $15 for each of these dresses. For real.

Leopard Print T-Shirt Dress

I also love this outfit as a “transition” look. 

But let’s be real, transition outfits are code for “I really want it to be fall, but I live in the deep south and it’s still hot as blue blazes here.” 

This sleeveless blazer/long vest thing I got last summer at Marshall’s is just the ticket for adding a layer of dimension, breaking up the wall of Leopard print, and providing pockets! 

Leopard Print T-Shirt Dress

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