What I read in June

Whew, July was crazy. 

So this is a little late. We’re just going to move on. OK? ok. 

So, without further ado, here’s what I read in June:

The Imperial Wife

Completed: 6/3/17
Format: Hardback from the library

For some reason we learn a relatively large amount about French and British royalty, we don’t talk much about the extents of the Russian empire and how its emperors and empresses influenced western culture. Likewise with art! This historical fiction book goes back and forth between a modern-day Russian art expert and the young Catherine the Great of Russia. Learning more about Catherine the Great was extremely interesting, and the book was well written and original. 

Recommended for Phillippa Gregory fans.

Being a Dog

Completed 6/13/17
Format: Hardback from the library

Oh this book! It was so full of interesting facts about dogs and how they use their incredible sense of smell to explore, interpret, and enjoy the world around them. It gave me so much insight into my own two pups! I really really enjoyed it and have added some of Alexandra Horowitz’s other books to my to-read list.

Recommended for: Dog lovers and people who enjoy narrative non-fiction.



Completed 6/17/17
Format: Audiobook from Overdrive

Do you love Downton Abbey? Then you’ll love this book! It has all the intrigue, class tension, and historical fascination of the hit PBS series. It was a pleasure to listen to on audiobook, too!

Recommended for: lovers of Downton Abbey, duh. 

The Underground Railroad

Completed 6/20/17
Format: Hardback from the library

Phew. This was a tough one. Anyone with a romanticized view of slavery or the pre-Civil War south should really read this. It was the winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award for a reason. 

Recommended for: everyone.

Forty Autumns 

Completed 6/29/17
Format: Hardback from the library

This might have been my favorite book in June. Another thing we don’t really talk about anymore in the US is just how shut off East Germany was for forty years. This is the true story a young woman who escaped from the communist regime and made a life in the West, as well as the story of the family she left behind. Two sisters and their daughters separated by an oppressive government. Heartbreaking, but with a happy ending, and so well written!

Recommended for: Cold War history buffs and lovers of narrative non-fiction.


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