What I read in May

Well, June is almost over, but I don’t care, I have a mission!

Last month I read/listened to 5 books! As of the end of May I’ve read 30 total, putting me an entire month ahead of my 60-Books-in-2017 goal 😀 

On this May’s list are several recommended books from friends and fellow bloggers, as well as the odd picked-it-at-the-library-because-I-liked-its-cover choice. AND as a bonus, this month comes with a podcast recommendation! 

Hallelujah Anyway – Anne Lamott

Completed: 5/2/2017
Format: Hardback from the Library
Anne Lamott is one of those writers who knows how to weave words into knives that cut you to the bone. In a good way. A recovering alcoholic and non-traditional progressive Christian, her essays are always a joy to read. Hallelujah Anyway was very very good. BUT if you want to get the flavor of the book without having to read it, please watch her TED Talk “12 Truths I Learned from Life and Writing.” It’s funny and honest, just like Anne. Even if you do want to read the book I highly recommend the TED Talk. Just be prepared to get sucked down into the rabbit hole that is TED.
Recommended for people who love Jesus but cuss a little.

Sharp Objects – Gillian Flynn

Completed: 5/4/2017 
Format: Audiobook through Overdrive

From the author of Gone Girl, Sharp Objects is dark and captivating. There are several twists and turns, and it’s not exactly a happy ending kind of book, but it was immensely entertaining. As a fan of murder mysteries in general, I really liked it.    

I can’t say much more without giving away some things, but those who have read/seen Gone Girl will be happy with this story!

Recommended for lovers of really dark murder mysteries and other Gillian Flynn books.

How the Irish Saved Civilization 

Completed: 5/21/2017
Format: Hardback from the library

While all of western civilization was crumbling during the fall of Rome, a group of monks in Ireland originally established by Saint Patrick worked to copy and preserve the learning of the Roman Empire. Without those monks we might not have Plato or Aristotle, or Homer, or Euripides.

In short, without those humble monks, we wouldn’t have the classics. We wouldn’t have the academic basis for the Declaration of Independence, or for modern republics and democracies.

Saved the civilization, indeed.

Recommended for history nerds.

Ready Player One

Completed: 5/24/2017
Format: eBook through Overdrive

SO. NERDY. But very very good! This was 100% my favorite read of May. Set in 2044 when the world has gone to crap and everyone takes refuge in the OASIS (think virtual reality on steroids), a billionaire’s death leads the whole world on a massive digital treasure hunt. The designer of the hunt was raised in the 1980s, and the book is riddled with 80’s trivia and memorabilia. 

There were several things that were a tad over my head, but over all it was fantastic, and made all the more fun by a TWO AND A HALF HOUR LONG EPISODE OF MY FAVORITE PODCAST!!!

No Dumb Questions is hosted by Smarter Every Day’s Destin Sandlin (who happens to be from Huntsville, AL) and Matt Whittman who runs an excellent YouTube channel called The 10 Minute Bible Hour.

They are where I originally heard about the book, and I thoroughly enjoyed their chapter-by-chapter analysis.

Recommended for fans of geeky dystopian novels.

The Summer Before the War

Completed: 5/31/2017
Format: Audiobook via Overdrive

This book was really very good, but WWI stories always make me a little sad. So much loss over basically nothing! Set in the English countryside in the months before the launch of the Great War, The Summer Before the War is laced with Downton Abbey-esque intrigue and interclass conflict. It was a good reminder of how far society has come in so many ways in the last century. 

Recommended for fans of Downton Abbey and Belgravia.

That’s it for what I read in May. I’ll be back in just a few days with June’s list. 

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