This Moment

April Stanley Photography

This picture. This moment. 

This moment was when any doubt I’d ever had about marrying my husband James vanished. 
This is the moment he began his vows to me—the vows that hang framed beside our bed today. He didn’t know it yet, but he and I had written the same first line in those vows. He would share in my laughter a minute later when I began reading my own vows to him.
April Stanley Photography
This moment four years ago today, our souls became irrevocably intwined. 
God made us for that moment, and for every one we’ve experienced since then. 
Four years really isn’t very many, certainly not compared to the 36 years my parents were married, or the 41 his parents were. But dang, this last year has felt like a lifetime. Through the sorrow of losing our dads we’ve leaned on each other and learned even more about the ties that will bind us together forever on earth and in heaven. 
Making my marriage vows to James Michael Reuben BeShears is the smartest thing I’ve ever done, and working every day to fulfill them is the most joyful task I can imagine. 
Happy Anniversary, Buck. I think you’re the coolest.  

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