What I Read in March – Back on the Bookshelf

Here's what I couldn't put down in March!

Due to all the travel we did at the end of February and beginning of March I didn’t get to read as much as I wanted to during my birthday month, but I’m still ahead of my 60-books-in-2017 goal… but just barely! I have a stack of good books to read in the month ahead, and will get back on schedule soon. 

Here’s what I read in March!

Next: The Future Just Happened

Completed 3/11/17 
Format: eBook through OverDrive

Written by Michael Lewis in 2001, right in the middle of the “dotcom bubble” bursting, this book went through some of the ways the internet was being utilized by younger generations (now who we would consider the oldest millennials). This was right in the middle of when people were losing faith in the internet as something that could revolutionize society as we know it. 

But Lewis didn’t lose faith, and you can see that in the book. His narrative nonfiction style is one of my favorite genres and I can’t wait to read more of his books, including Moneyball, The Big Short, and the New New Thing.

Recommended for Michael Lewis fans and people enjoy narrative nonfiction. 

Bringing Down the House

Completed 3/13/2017
Format: Paperback

Did you ever watch the movie 21 with Kevin Spacey about the MIT kids who counted cards at Blackjack and made a huge run on Vegas before (spoiler alert!) getting busted? This is the nonfiction book that tells that story in even more gripping detail!

Bringing Down the House was recommended to me by my good friend Blake, who said it was one of his favorite books, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Recommended for people who enjoy narrative nonfiction and those who have a slight interest in gambling 😉 

Elizabeth Renaissance Prince

Completed 3/30/17
Format: Paperback

This is the book I bought at Hatchard’s on Piccadilly! I’m not going to lie, it was dense, but a very interesting look at how Queen Elizabeth I saw herself.  In the middle of the Renaissance, and immediately after her Catholic sister’s “bloody” reign. As only the second queen regnant in British history, Elizabeth found herself in a highly precarious position. She knew that as a woman she’d be constantly questioned, and famously refused to marry so that her power could never be undermined by her husband. 

That didn’t mean she never flirted though… According to this biography she used the complicated language of courting and courtly love to get what she wanted from diplomats and the leaders of other countries. 

Recommended for those who want to know more about Queen Elizabeth I… A lot more!

The Book Thief

Completed 3/31/17
Format: Audiobook

Oh my goodness. So good. So sad. Set in Germany during WWII it follows the story of a young girl who moves in with foster parents in a new city and begins stealing books… before she can even read. 

Her new Papa teaches her how to read, and survive. 

It’s hard to call this book a happy one, but it was beautifully told and brought me to tears several times. 

Recommended for dang near everyone. Just have tissues ready.

So… What should I read next? I’m excited about the stack I have on my bedside table right now!

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