My 100% Unbiased eBags Professional Weekender Review


eBags Professional Weekender review

While we were planning our trip to London I found myself continually being fed ads from eBags for their professional weekender backpack

I was instantly intrigued… Space for two days of clothes, a laptop, tablet, and all the other gizmos, wires, and accessories I need for a weekend trip? It sounded too good to be true!

eBags Professional Weekender review

Now, while eBags in no way solicited this review, I have signed up for their affiliate program, so if you decide to purchase a bag from them after reading this (by clicking this link!) I will get a very small portion of that sale. 

James and I each decided to get the eBags Professional Weekender, and I’m so glad we did. Mine is heather grey, and he went with the black :).

The backpack itself is pretty big, and on first glance I was a tad afraid it wouldn’t be comfortable enough to wear. But the quality construction of the bag and its components actually made it very comfortable, even when I had it packed completely full!

eBags Professional Weekender review

While this is perfect for a weekend getaway or a quick road trip, I’ve found that when I travel internationally or am otherwise checking a bag on a long flight, I like to be able to keep a change of clothes with me in case any number of fashion emergencies happen. 

I also want to make sure my precious laptop is kept nice and safely padded! 

Speaking of padding, there is a hardshell case in the lumbar region that I found perfect for putting snacks and sunglasses in… No smooshing! 

For our London trip I packed my laptop, iPad, DSLR, extra camera battery and charger, a change of clothes, a toiletry bag, fuzzy socks, eye mask, passport, neck pillow, computer charger, and my phone/iPad/Apple Watch (what can I say?) chargers. 

Phew! That really is quite a bit. And it was still comfortable, and just as importantly, it fit very easily into the overhead bin both in our large transatlantic jet and the smaller regional one that took us from Birmingham to Atlanta. 

Another great perk is that in most airports you can unzip the bag in half and put the whole thing through the x-ray without having to take out your laptop! It also comes with a clear zip bag for all your teeny tiny liquids. No one enjoys the security line, and I’ll take any travel hack that makes getting through easier! 

This is me being happy because security is simpler with this backpack!

Bottom line: I am extremely happy with the eBags Professional Weekender and can’t wait to take it on dozens of adventures. 

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