What I Packed for a 10 Day Trip to Italy (and What I Wish I Hadn’t)

The full title of this post should really be “What I packed for a 10 Day Summer Trip to Italy, What I Wish I Had, and What I Wish I Hadn’t.”

As my first European trip, to say I was a little nervous about bringing the right and wrong things. There is nothing quite as nerve-wracking about needing an item when you’re in a foreign country and not being able to have it for several days. Well, over-packing your bags may be just as bad. 

James and I each used packs, which were good for him, but not as great for me because of my back and shoulder issues. I likely won’t be taking mine as main luggage on long trips again, as it was too heavy and we never really encountered a place we couldn’t have rolled a suitcase in or out of. 

Without further ado, here is what I packed in my pack: 

What I packed for a 10 day Trip to Italy


  1. Navy linen pants
  2. Silk Top(s)
  3. Linen Top(s)
  4. Navy Shorts
  5. Linen Top
  6. Cotton Shirtdress
  7. Blue Jeans
  8. Naot Gladiator Sandals
  9. Nude Wedges
  10. ON Cloud Running Shoes
  11. Osprey Farpoint 55 Pack
  12. Nikon D7000
  13. Macbook Pro
  14. Gold hoop earrings
  15. Floral scarf

What I would leave at home: 

  1. The wedges. I didn’t wear them a single time. Every restaurant we went to was completely fine with my sandals (which look pretty dressy on). That being said, if you’re carrying a larger suitcase feel free!
  2. The neck pillow: This ended up just getting in the way, making my pack bulkier, and wasn’t effective at helping me sleep on planes or trains. 
  3. The floral scarf: I’m not against wearing scarves in general, quite the opposite. There are just SO many places to buy beautiful silk scarves in Italy that I ended up wearing the ones I bought instead of the one I packed!
  4. While light and comfortable, I would pack tennis shoes with a lot more support than the ON Clouds. 

What I would take next time:

There’s really only one big answer to this… HIKING BOOTS. I got really bad blisters on day one when we went on an impromptu hike through Cinque Terre and my feet struggled the rest of the trip.

I have this pair, and they’re awesome! My biggest mistake in this first trip to Europe was thinking anyone would care what type of shoes I wore walking around town. They don’t. Be comfortable. 

As I’m making my packing list for our trip to London I’ll be keeping these lessons in mind. 

What are your must-haves for trips abroad?

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