Color Me Happy!

Dress//Shoes//Tights//Jacket//Necklace (similar)//Sunglasses

Ok, it is almost always my first inclination to wear either a bold outfit with very neutral shoes or a very conservative outfit with fun, bold shoes.

But a few Saturdays ago when I went out for brunch with some girlfriends I decided to do both, and I kinda loved it!

So much color!

These shoes from Cole Haan are comfortable (almost like tennis shoes!) great for walking around downtown, and this style is actually waterproof, making them perfect for this late winter/early spring weather. 

Put it together with a bright yellow dress, blue tights, and a pink necklace and you’ve got an explosion of color! 

I threw on my Barbour Beadnell because it was pretty chilly out, even though the daffodils are blooming

I hope the spring is making you want to throw on some color as well!

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