My favorite berry lipstick shade for fall

My favorite berry lipstick shade for fall

Quick caveat here: I am not a beauty blogger… Despite my recent foray into fashion blogging, I have never been particularly into makeup. Yes, I wear some if I’m leaving the house, but it’s only a little bit, and it’s never creative.

One category of makeup I’ve always especially had trouble with is lipstick. While I constantly have Burt’s Bees on my lips to keep them hydrated, I have a hard time remembering to reapply lipstick throughout the day, and I’m very conscious about getting lipstick all over the place at meals. Not to mention, my husband isn’t crazy about having lipstick all over him. 

Several months ago I asked a girl whose lipstick I noticed never budged throughout the day what her secret was, and she surprised me by telling me it was a long-lasting formula from Chanel

I ran right out and bought a brighter pink shade that was my go-to this spring and summer, but now that the seasons are beginning to change, I wanted something a little richer to wear. 

So the other day while I was out and about I stopped by Gus Mayer’s Chanel counter and picked up this lovely berry lipstick shade in the same long-lasting formula, and I’m officially #obsessed. 

Here it is as seen on my Instagram right after I applied, and right before I stepped into a luncheon:

My favorite berry lipstick shade for fall

And here’s what it looked like 6(!) hours later after a meal, several glasses of water, and lots of, ahem, smooching my husband:

My favorite berry lipstick shade for fall

Yes, the majority of these pictures were taken after a day of pretty hard wear. Can you believe it? 

At $37 a pop, Chanel’s lipsticks are more expensive than what I’d normally spend on a lipstick, but because it actually sticks all day without me needing to reapply, and somehow doesn’t dry out my lips in the process, it is well worth the price to me.

My favorite berry lipstick shade for fall Simply apply in the morning, and add a fresh coat of gloss occasionally throughout the day for the longest-lasting results, but I’ve found it still lasts quite a while even if you want to go for the matte look! 

My favorite berry lipstick shade for fall

My favorite berry lipstick shade for fallDress: Harvè Benard (TJMaxx: similar) || Purse: Coach (similar) || Lips: Chanel Rouge Double Intensité in Milky Blueberry || Sunglasses: RayBans (similar) || Watch: Apple Watch Series 2 || Necklace: Blue Nile || Earrings: Gift from my sweet uncle (who also helped design my engagement ring and several other pieces I have!) (similar)

Milky Blueberry is what I’m wearing here, but I also have Bright Raspberry, and will likely go back for a few other shades once my beauty budget is replenished 🙂  


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